Beyond the Woods Meets: Vigilantes

The story is simple. After a chance meeting by being the last 4 in a Mario Kart tournament, Vigilantes became friends. They quickly put down the pads, picked up their guitars and never looked back. Not only will they be performing at Beyond the Woods in August, they will also be at Liquor in July for our festival warm up party!

We caught up with them to ask some of your questions…

So you’re performing at Liquor in July – have you done other gigs since lockdown or will this be your first?

Yeah! We supported Mark Morriss from Bluetones a couple of times which kicked off the rust, but these are our first headliners. Nervous!

Describe your music style in three words?

Big vocal harmonies

Where did your band name come from?

It means Lifeguard in Portuguese.

Which artists would you say are your main influences?

I’ve always loved Van Gogh, Da Vinci & Monet.

What’s your favourite thing about being in a band?

The feeling of completing songs or a live set to play to people!

What is your biggest goal?

My best goal was a 40 yard screamer I did when I was 12, but realistically London’s O2 Arena would be where I’m content.

What have you been up to lately?

We’ve just finished mixing and mastering our next releases, so just getting into the throws of everything again!

and finally:

Will we ever be an interplanetary species?

Yes, 1000%.

What’s the best way to eat eggs?

Next to your lover early in the morning. 

What are your spirit animals?

Curly: Fox // Alex: Goat // Joe: Sloth // Ryan: Giraffe

Intrigued by this fox/goat/sloth/giraffe combo? Take a listen:

The World’s Most Unique Music Festivals

Underwater Music Festival – Florida Keys

Quite a niche festival – obviously you have to be a pretty good scuba diver to attend, considering it takes place entirely underwater! Attendees are encouraged to dress up, and compete for prizes by playing sea-themed instruments – think bass-oon, trom-bonefish, obloefish. Underwater-themed music plays through speakers suspended under boats (Yellow Submarine, etc). ‘It’s not as clear, but you can still hear it and understand – it just has a little different tone to it’. The festival was set up to promote reef conservation, and a local radio station sponsors the event to promote environmental sustainability and responsible diving.

Air Guitar Championships – Oulu, Finland

Initially a joke, the air guitar championships in Finland now draw a huge crowd. Contestants ‘play’ two songs, which are scored out of six for each round. These performances must be air guitar only – strictly no air drums, air piano, air harp, etc. – and obviously no real instruments. The ideology behind the event is simple, realistic, and not-at-all dramatic: ‘wars would end and all the bad things would go away… you can’t hold a gun while you play air guitar’. Rob “The Marquis” Messel currently holds the title, previously held by Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura:

24-Hour Drone Festival – Hudson, New York

This immersive festival features musicians working within the spectrum of drone, creating 24 hours of uninterrupted sound. Described as a experimental, communal and conceptual experience, participants set up camp on the floor of an old industrial factory and settle in to listen to 24 straight hours of ambient, atmospheric music. It is recommended that they lay on the floor ‘so that sound waves move horizontally across the body’. Thankfully, there’s also a 24 hour coffee bar, so they don’t sleep the experience away.

Snowbombing / Snowboxx – Mayrhofen, Austria / Avoriaz, France

These festivals have a similar USP – no prizes for guessing what. Both taking place on the pistes, they offer some fun, unique extras alongside the music. As if it wasn’t a cool enough experience to go to a festival in the snow, Snowbombing offers Alpine yoga, chairlift speed dating(?!), and a rave in an igloo. Snowboxx has purpose-built snowball fight arenas and bottomless brunch. Previous acts at Snowboxx include Gorillaz, Stormzy and Rudimental, while Snowbombing boasts performances from Example, The Vaccines and Tinie Tempah.

Les Dunes Electroniques – Ong Jmel, Tunisia

Sounds like a regular electronic festival, right? Wrong. Situated in the Sahara, Les Dunes Electroniques takes place in the abandonded film set which makes up Mos Espa – Anakin Skywalker’s childhood home. Once the festival starts, music plays for thirty hours straight. The ideal combination for anyone who loves both Star Wars and the Tunisian underground electronic music scene!

Fyre Festival – The Bahamas

Just kidding.
(If the Fyre Festival drama somehow passed you by, Netflix has a documentary – ‘FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’).

And finally…

Beyond The Woods – Stourton Woods, Lincolnshire, UK

The only festival on the list in the UK (so, definitely the one you should book tickets for – right now). It features some amazing acts, both national and local, including Alfie Templeman, The Staves, Vistas and Olivia Dean. There’s also a whole range of other entertainment – from yoga and deer safari to axe throwing and wood workshops.

Taking place from August 6th-8th, this is not one to miss! Get your Beyond the Woods tickets here:

Full line up announced!

The day we’ve been waiting for is here – we’re so excited to be able to finally reveal the full Beyond the Woods line up! We have so many incredible artists for you, from our headliners to some wonderfully talented local acts. Definitely not one to miss!

You can buy your tickets here – we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Staves

The Staves are an English indie folk trio of sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, from Watford, Hertfordshire. The Staves began performing together at open-mic nights in Watford hosted by a local pub, The Horns. Originally performing as The Staveley-Taylors, the trio later changed their name to The Staves.

The Staves’ ‘Good Woman’ was written and recorded in a time of severe turmoil for the band, seeing the ending of relationships, the death of their beloved mother and the birth of Emily’s first child. Produced by John Congleton, the album stands as a testament to their strength and that of other women, to sisters, mothers and daughters. To love, loss and change. To trying to be a good woman.

Praise for Good Woman…
“their three-part blood harmonies form the shimmering centre of an elaborate, album-long soundscape” 8/10 – Uncut
“elegantly nuanced” **** – Mojo
“an album with attitude” – Sunday Times Culture
“pop-rock sophistication” – **** – The Times
“melodic sweetness is bolstered by a sense of urgency and stylistic cool” – **** – The Guardian
“a sophisticated return” – **** – NME


Vistas are an indie band hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. The line-up consists of Prentice Robertson, Dylan Rush & Jamie Law. Vistas are a band with catchy choruses, hooky guitar lines, and rhythmic thunderous baselines.

Vistas have been surging to the forefront of the indie-rock scene over the last few years with a steady stream of catchy, radio ready releases leading the band to pick up extensive praise from the likes of Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6 Music, DIY Magazine and Clash Magazine among many others.

Having picked up over 15 million streams and cultivating 650k monthly listeners on Spotify in a short space of time, the Scottish trio have quickly become known for their brand of colourful and energetic guitar-based indie pop and are quickly beginning to show their universal appeal.

The single ‘Eighteen’ is another high-tempo, hook-laden anthem, full of the huge choruses and infectious melodies that have been cementing Vistas as one of the most exciting emerging bands in the country right now. Speaking on the track the band explain “Eighteen is about looking back on the best summer of your life and wishing you could go back to that moment. What often happens when you look back on those moments is you can forget about some of the bad sides of those experiences because your memory is clouded by nostalgia.”

Upcoming Gigs

Only Sun plus Tin Pigeons and Jaz Beeson

24th June 2021
Akedo Gaming Bar, Lincoln

First full capacity gig post lockdown!

Buy tickets for Only Sun (18+)

Vigilantes / Pylons / Duccbod

Plus Hannah Fletcher – BBC Introducing DJ set

17th July 2021
Liquor (above Trebles), Lincoln

Festival warm up party!

Buy tickets for Vigilantes (18+)


5th October 2021
Paper Dress Vintage, London

We’ve teamed up with our mates Club The Mammoth for our first show in the capital! Tell your southern mates!

Buy tickets for Midlight

BULL (plus special guests tba)

22nd October 2021
The Scene, Lincoln

Huge acclaim after their debut album release this year, once you see them at the festival you’ll be coming back for more!

Get tickets for BULL (18+)

The Rills

16th December 2021
The Platform (above The Engine Shed), Lincoln

We’ve already had to upgrade this show due to huge demand. Don’t miss this homecoming show from these indie upstarts!

Buy tickets for The Rills (14+)


Having spent the past six months holed up in the claustrophobic confines of their gloriously ramshackle Bethnal Green recording studio, London four piece Flyte – Will Taylor (vocals, lead guitar), Nick Hill (bass, vocals), Sam Berridge (keyboards, guitars, vocals) and Jon Supran (drums, vocals) – emerge from the process energised and ready to unleash a raft of new material on the world, kicking off with debut single ‘Closer Together’ released on 31st July through Island Records. Combining a wealth of influences ranging from the wry storytelling of The Kinks, the off-kilter new wave sensibilities of Talking Heads, and the lyrically incisive optimism of the best mid-90s British bands, Flyte’s songs are always driven by a sharp ear for melody and laden with hooks. Flyte’s recent live performances – including a stunning slot at Scala with Hinds – have seen the band growing in stature as performers from their early shows on the road with the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club. Fans will be able to catch them on the road this summer at various festivals such as Secret Garden Party, Kendall Calling, SWN and Victorious. With new  releases on the horizon and more live dates on the way, Flyte are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Cj Pandit

Cj Pandit is an ArtPop performer who crafts songs for movies that were never made and places that you’ve never been. Working and living between London, New York and hometown Leicester, Cj has spent the majority of his life floating through different scenes, cities and circumstances, so is inevitably informed by heartbreak, longing and a search for
meaning between the cracks in our day to day lives.

Inherently driven by the same escapist spirit as Bruce Springsteen, the curiosity of Talk Talk, and the lingering late night lyricism of Leonard Cohen through a truly modern lens, Cj is an anomaly and one of pop music’s most intriguing outliers.


Listen to any of APRE’s music – be it Without Your Love’s shimmering, celestial bounce; the liquid grooves and clean lines of All Yours; or the widescreen pop cloudburst that is Don’t You Feel Like Heaven? – and it’s likely your first impression wouldn’t be that all these songs have their roots in the backroom of a West London chess club. But that’s exactly where APRE’s story begins.  

Charlie Brown and Jules Konieczny were no strangers to making music individually, but it wasn’t until  Sue who runs Ealing chess club (or, to use her full title “this legend called Sue”) suggested they  should hook up and work together that the strands that make up APRE’s unique sound started to  fuse together. 

“She knew that we shared this passion for music and she paired us up,” recalls Brown, “we started playing together and found this love for the same thing.” 

However, things didn’t quite immediately leap forwards from that moment to where we are today.  Three years passed and Brown and Konieczny would spend their days playing in other groups,  producing, working on other people’s material, making ends meet and trying to find their way in  music. But something special kept bringing them back to that room. It wasn’t because of some over arching grand plan, it was simply what they did for fun outside of other projects. 

“This was a happy accident,” notes Konieczny. “It was always our side project. The focus was the  other bands we were in and me and Charlie would just go back in the evening and do this for fun.  Then it got to the point where we had 35 songs and were like, ‘Hang on we’re being stupid here…’” 

“APRE was the fun side where we could go and be ourselves in music. 

We always thought it was better than the other stuff and we enjoyed it more,” adds Brown. “Even  now, if a track’s not fun while we’re making it we normally fuck it off to be honest. It’s all been  extremely natural. It’s not done in a fancy place, it’s done on quite terrible equipment and that’s  what it’s about.” 

You might read that and imagine APRE’s music to be a bit rough around the edges, something  slightly carelessly tossed together for a bit of a laugh. Nothing could be further from the truth  though.

They may have been recorded out the back of Ealing chess club or in the front room of Brown’s  nan’s place, but these songs sparkle like a well-polished gem. Synths glisten like rays of light on a  pool of water; bass lines slink in and out; a gentle cascade of guitar will wash over a crisp, irresistible  beat as Brown’s vocals find the sweet spot between soulful, wistful and empathetic. 

And all that delivered within pristine, intelligent pop songs. Pop songs with brains, heart and laser guided melodies. 

“Don’t bore us get to the chorus” deadpans Brown. “Surely that’s the point isn’t it? If it’s a good  song. If you bought a pair of trouser and they looked nice and people kept on saying ‘You’ve got nice  trousers,’ you’d be like, ‘Yeah, because they’re good trousers.’ So if you write a good song why do  people need to go, ‘Oh it’s quite pop…’ Mate, it’s just a good song.” 

Part of what makes APRE so special though, is that there’s more to them than just good songs. Each  APRE release is its own self-contained universe where everything matters and nothing is throwaway.  From the thematic threads that tie the songs on each EP together to the subtle visual clues in the  artwork and videos, right down to the clothes they wear on stage – like with any great band, to listen  to APRE is to immerse yourself fully in their world. 

“We always wanted to create something where if you go to a gig or your listening to it you’re pulled  into this APRE world,” says Brown. “My favourite bands always did that to me. When you come back  from a gig and you feel like you’ve not just seen a gig, you’ve entered a different place. It’s an  escape. If every person who comes to our gigs or listens to our music can escape and become part of  something, feel that we’re all in this together – that’s why we’re doing this.” 

The door to APRE’s world is open. All you need to do is walk through it.

Lottery Winners

Lottery Winners have a whole list of achievements: their debut album ‘Lottery Winners’ hit number 10 in the UK Official Charts and number 3 in the vinyl charts; they have over 10 million streams and thousands of tour tickets sold, including a sold out headline at the Manchester Ritz; they released three albums and one EP within 18 months.

They have supported Kaiser Chiefs, Blossoms, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Wonder Stuff, Tom Odell, We Are Scientists, Tom Jones and more.

They are also the hosts of their own TV production, ‘LWTV’, featuring guests including Jamie Cullum, Rick Astley, Andy Burnham and Rowetta (Happy Mondays) gaining over 125K views.

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