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Here’s a round up of every Motivation Monday post we’ve put out so far! Save them to your phone, commit them to memory, tattoo them on your forehead. Whatever inspires you, we’re here for it.

You can also find the full quotes, along with more advice and insights, in our ‘Top Tips for Aspiring Musicians’ post. Our blog also contains the full interview with each artist if you want to learn more!

Monday 11th October – Ell Ivy

Monday 18th October – Bull

Monday 1st November – Rebekah Fitch

Monday 8th November – Indigo Bay

The Rills Tickets – The Engine Shed, 16.12.21



You can buy your tickets now by clicking this link!


December 16th 2021 | The Engine Shed, Lincoln* | 14+
*We’ve already had to upgrade the venue due to incredible demand!

Things have only got more exciting since we first announced this show – we’ve confirmed Vigilantes as a support act (see below!), The Rills were signed by Nice Swan Records, and both bands have brought out banging new singles. Don’t miss this homecoming show from these Lincoln indie upstarts!

About The Rills:

The Rills are a Lincoln indie band, returning to the city for a homecoming show. Refusing to be held back by multiple lockdowns, they spent 2020 working on releasing two singles (‘The Angler’ and ‘Stardog’), as well as becoming TikTok stars in their own right, building a strong fanbase through their relatable comedy and dynamic use of social media.
Since then, The Rills have emerged as a stand-out artist, championed by BBC Introducing as a keen one to watch. The band earned a spot on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in May 2021, debuting their to-be-released single, ‘World Leader’, before going on to play the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds fest 2021.
Musically, The Rills play on the band’s trademarked thunderous rhythm section, led by lead singer Mitch Spencer, who is known for his quick witted and ardent kitchen sink lyricism. Most recently, the band have released a new single with Lincoln themes throughout – ‘Skint Eastwood’. 

About Vigilantes:

A firm Beyond the Woods favourite – their headline show at The Engine Shed back in August went down an absolute storm! You can also check out the interview we did with the band a few months ago.

Noted by Fresh on the Net’s Tom Robinson as ‘On a mission’, Vigilantes are known as one of the hardest working live bands in the UK circuit by putting every fragment of energy into live performance. Due to this, Vigilantes have deservedly shared stages with the likes of Circa Waves, The Sherlocks & Fickle Friends. In 2020, they were chosen to be part of the unique festival experience of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in isolation, and on top of that, Mike Skinner a.k.a The Streets selected them to be one of his picks from the BBC Introducing uploader.
Championed by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens & Phil Taggart, Vigilantes are continuing the British tradition of taking American sounds and stuffing it with classic British tone. They do it so well that they have been placed on Radio 1’s Best Of BBC Introducing playlist and had repeat airtime on Amazing Radio & Radio X to boot. 

‘Beyond the Woods’ – Halloween Song Challenge

On the 31st, we will be publishing a collaborative Halloween piece. Last week we asked some talented writers to come up with a Halloween themed poem (called ‘Beyond the Woods’, naturally)… Now we want to hear from the musicians!
Take a look through the poems, choose one that you feel particularly drawn to, and use those words to create a song!

  • Songs need to be sent over by midday on Friday 29th.
  • Submissions accepted in any form – (email/google drive/direct through IG, etc). YouTube links preferred!
  • These can be sent to, or through @btwfestival on socials.
  • All ages, skill levels, instruments, styles.
  • This can be either a solo or group project (everyone will be credited).
  • We will release our favourite(s) across our social media platforms, and all songs will be listed on the website. Please include any names and/or handles you’d like to be credited under.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with – have fun!

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Chris Pidsley (@chrispidsleymusic)

Beyond the woods is a space where I lay
Where the sun has no business and the grass fills the shade
My heart fits the silence where the birdsong should stay
Beyond the woods is beyond my way
Darker trees are lined ahead
The horizon bends above my bed
And I like to think that I’ve reached the edge
But beyond the woods is beyond instead
And time will find a reason
And the nights will find the day
When it’s loose and out of season
I’ll take a walk beyond the woods and fade away

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Maddie Magdalene (@maddiemagdalenemusic)

Beyond the woods and far away,
You’ll find the creatures who sleep all day,
Don’t get too close, don’t let them hear you,
They’re dreaming of fame, they’re dreaming of music,
Don’t interrupt the dreams of the musos,
They’ll steal and kill your soul with sharp claws tugging on your heartstrings,
Don’t disturb the musings of the musos,
They’ll cut open your brain and view your flaws as sustenance for new things

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Daniel Etherton (@detherton)

What lives in the woods was left to my imagination
But in the middle of the night without hesitation
I had grown tired of dreams, speculating beyond the trees
And set out to see what I could find on Halloween
Passing shrubs, leaves, dirt tracks and Autumnal leaves
Guided by dim moonlight. I nearly had a fright
There was a commotion, crashing, like waves hit rocks in the ocean
A party with a few skeletons, werewolves; witches necking back potions
As my body froze, I shrieked out “hello!”
Only to be welcomed in, as if it was my own home
There were cups of tea, food to eat and a ghost playing the keys
I hopped on the mic and gave the best performance of my life
It started getting early – the night turned to morning
So we all parted ways because nobody could stay
A lesson learnt to be intrigued by the unknown,
Stay safe, be curious and go out exploring

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Lisa February (@lisfebruary)

i’ve lived with the lights off
too long to admit

so long, that memories
of sunshine people
or summer skies
feel like stories
my brain playing
twisted little tricks

i didn’t choose to come here
nobody would

but life before
became obscured
i went to sleep in my bed
and woke up

in the woods.

for months
i’ve walked barefoot

across woodland, wasteland, cemetery
the cold, warped arms of long-dead trees
outstretched, as if reaching up
grasping, desperate for something

form a tomb-shaped canopy
block out the world above
entrap me

in solitude
in empty
in wishing i remembered
what it meant to be free

what it meant to be more
than a hollowed-out body

to have more than
spiders and maggots for friendship
better company than skeletons
free from their closets

to salvage my purpose
my reason to fight
to light up a spark
and take back my life

to remember who I am
and to feel how i should
to find a path home
go back

beyond the woods

A new playlist: made by you!

We recently put out a call for new music, new artists, to create a banging playlist of local music – written, recorded, and sent in by you! As always, you didn’t disappoint. Thank you to anyone who sent their music in – we’re always endlessly impressed with the variety of talent in and around Lincolnshire, and we’re so happy to have a platform where we can share this! We will continue to update this with any new music you send.

We’re also always on the lookout for potential supports acts for future shows… so send us your best stuff, and who knows, maybe we’ll be in touch! It’s never too late – if you have a YouTube video you want to send us, you can email us or hit us up on socials! (@BTWfestival)

Click the image below to take you straight to our Spotify playlist!

Tips for aspiring musicians – from the experts

We’ve been interviewing some incredible people over the past few months, and we’ve asked all of our featured artists for their best advice for aspiring musicians – here are some top tips from the pros!


Everyone complains that the music industry is “who you know, not what you know”, and there is a lot of truth to that statement. But instead of complaining about it, get better at knowing people. Go out and meet them and have genuine relationships with who you want to know. Stop spamming people’s DMs with links to your music with no background – it’s silly and kinda arrogant. Instead, say hi at a show and be genuinely interested in them – it will pay off!

Ben Simmons:

Always look for something to chase. Perfect your craft, you have all the time in the world. Learn that instrument, learn that song. Do not worry about what everyone else is doing, what matters is the present – and never be afraid to sing in the shower!

Ell Ivy:

Don’t make music everything, you gotta live a life to make the best music you can – find that inspo in the ordinary.


If you have a funny or stupid idea, but you’re all laughing and excited about it, DO IT.

Indigo Bay:

Write a song! You don’t have to release it, just write a song. Just have fun! Stick at it, because you’re gonna be shit – and that’s okay. If you just try your hardest, you’ll do something.
Make connections! We’re constantly talking to everyone, anyone who follows us… and don’t put yourself out there as this kind of God that people need to worship – unless that’s what you’re going for. Just be nice on your way up.

Rebekah Fitch:

Work hard, but don’t get caught up in just trying to “achieve” things, make sure you’re enjoying the process. It’s a good idea to keep reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, so you focus on the right reasons and have fun with it. It often takes a lot longer than you expect!


Drop the ego, stop the bullcrap, and just connect with people. Make connections that aren’t based around what they can give you, just around music itself. And remember, everyone’s on their own timeline – I swear Morgan Freeman didn’t get famous until he was like, fifty.

Bull supports revealed!

We’re so excited for Bull to be playing Lincoln in October, and even more excited to finally be able to release details of the support acts! Some Beyond the Woods favourites, and some great new sounds…

Current Climate

J, Recky & Morley Man. Forming in 2019, Current Climate are an indie trio from Lincoln, England. The band consists of Jacob ‘J’ Ainsworth (bass/vocals), Reece ‘Recky’ Bulleyment (guitar) and Lewis ‘Morley Man’ Morley (drums) and has roots in indie rock, new wave and britpop. Oh, and some disco occasionally. Depends who’s asking.

Indigo Bay

Indigo Bay are an Indie Rock band from Grimsby. They met at college in 2017 when they were 16 and strongly believe that chocolate doesn’t belong in the fridge. They love wearing baggy clothes and, despite the heat on stage, will stubbornly wear hoodies whilst playing live because they’re incredibly comfortable. They are inspired by artists such as Hippo Campus and Still Woozy. Expect feel good melodies, catchy choruses and a lot of references to how beautiful the sunsets are.
Their new song, Bleach, is out this Friday!

Serial Chiller

Slacker punks from ‘ull. The name Serial Chiller is an ethos. Cheap beer and shit pizza covers anxieties in grease and foam. Fuck music scenes and their cliques. Stand out. Do something real. Write hooks and stick them through the listeners mouth.

Hannah Fletcher

Hannah Fletcher is a radio presenter for BBC Music Introducing in Lincolnshire – she’ll be joining us with a banging DJ set!

Get your tickets to see Bull alongside all of these incredible acts:

We have a YouTube channel!

Yes, we’re a bit late to the game (creating a YouTube channel has strong 2011 vibes), but we finally have a YouTube channel! We can’t wait to release exclusive interviews, fun promos and festival footage – maybe you’ll spot yourself in the crowd?? Do us (and yourself) and favour – hit that subscribe button!

We’re also looking to create some great playlists, starting with a playlist of local music – written, recorded, and sent in by you! We love hearing your music and discovering new talent, and we’re always on the lookout for potential supports acts for future shows… so send us your best stuff, and who knows, maybe we’ll be in touch!

If you have a YouTube video you want to send us, you can email us or find us on any of our socials! (@BTWfestival)

Beyond The Woods Meets: Rebekah Fitch

Rebekah Fitch is an Irish alternative singer and songwriter. Her most recent songs have been released alongside some totally unique extras – a short film, a tapestry, and an entire game! We caught up with her to ask where her inspiration comes from…

What made you decide to do these? How did you come up with the ideas?

Haha, well like all of the best ideas, the overall vision of doing a visual EP came to my crazy mind while I was trying to fall asleep one night. I realised that one of the things I love most about what I do is the creativity and the collaboration that’s available, working with talented people that I love to make art that I’m really passionate about. I’ve always wanted to assemble a team around what I do, bringing in the creative strengths of other amazing people I admire to make projects that go beyond the music. So I tried to make a visual parallel for each song, one that was unique to the meaning behind the song and allowed it to flourish into something that would further develop everything it contained. I just love when artists expand their music into a wider creative world, and so I wanted to challenge myself creatively to do that.

How has the pandemic impacted your creativity? Did it give you time to work on things or just generally slow everything down?

Hmm, it’s been a mixed bag I think – very challenging. For me, when gigs weren’t able to go ahead, I had to find a multitude of new jobs and ways to survive, so time to be creative was very limited. It’s felt like being on pause for 18 months, just when I had moved to London, ready to take on the world! But I’m just so grateful that I’m still getting to make music at the moment, even if it’s at a slower pace. I’m learning to be patient with it and not blame myself for any lack of progress. What’s the rush?

What are you most looking forward to as the world slowly gets back to normality?

I’m a very social person, so being able to hang out with friends again was just such a blessing, for my mental health, for my day-to-day happiness… Career-wise, I just can’t wait to get back in the motion of it all – the writing, the recording, the visuals, the gigging – feeling like there’s a sense of growth and movement, riding the wave of it all. That gets me excited.

If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would you choose?

Oooh…  So difficult to pick just one! It would have to be someone who I really admire, am influenced by, and I think is ahead of the curve creatively, but different enough from my own style that the fusion we would make would blow people’s minds. Maybe Childish Gambino, or James Blake??

What have you been up to lately?

So recently I’ve been planning a UK and Ireland Tour for the end of October/start of November, which I am SO pumped for! It feels amazing to be working towards something tangible, especially something that you can share with other people in a magical moment. I’m heading to Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Dublin, and the Belfast and London with my band!

What’s your proudest moment/achievement as an artist?

I would say my headline show in The MAC Theatre in Belfast is still my proudest moment. It was my biggest headline show, and completely self-organised and self-promoted. We sold out all 350-seats, and we had full band, a string ensemble (which I wrote the arrangements for) and a light show! I couldn’t believe it all came together, it was just electric, and I felt so supported.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Well Lorde’s album came out today, so all of that on repeat!

What’s a controversial opinion you hold?

Love Island is the worst invention known to man!

What’s your favourite foreign word?

Omg what an excellent question! I’m a big fan of those videos where they find all the words that sound the same in one language, and form a whole sentence with them. For example, “the green worm goes towards the green glass,” in French is “le ver vert va vers le verre vert”. Genius. Need to fit it into a song somehow.

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