Beyond The Woods 2020: What Are My Options?

Here’s what you can do if you’ve already purchased your ticket to Beyond The Woods 2020.

Unfortunately, and after much consideration, we’ve been decided to cancel this year’s festival in light of the coronavirus pandemic. You can read more about why we decided to take that decision here.

Of course we’re all bitterly disappointed that Beyond The Woods won’t be able to go ahead this year, but if you’ve already paid for your ticket you’ll be especially keen to find out what happens next.

Very simply, you’ve got a choice of two different options:

Option 1: I’d Like To Use My Ticket For Next Year

Beyond The Woods 2021 will take place from 6th – 8th August. All tickets purchased for this year’s festival will remain valid for next year’s event too, unless you apply for a refund.

If you’d like to use your ticket for next year, then you don’t have to do anything at all. Your tickets will be transferred automatically, and you’ll receive confirmation of this in the autumn, once the window for refund applications has closed.

Each year the festival keeps getting bigger and better, and we expect Beyond The Woods 2021 to be no exception.

By keeping hold of your ticket you are not only doing the festival a massive favour, you’re also getting next year’s ticket at this year’s price.

Option 2: I’d Like To Request A Refund

We’ve very pleased to be able to offer a full refund of the face value of your ticket to anybody who’d like one.

If you’d like to request a refund, we’d be grateful if you could please send your request, along with your booking reference, to our ticketing partners Gigantic.

You can contact Gigantic on

If you apply for a refund, your tickets will of course no longer be valid for Beyond The Woods 2021.

All refund requests must have been received before 23:59 on 9th November 2020. Any requests received after this date will unfortunately not be considered.

Please allow up to 28 days for your request to be processed and your refund issued. In reality we hope to be able to process refunds quicker than this, but four weeks is our maximum limit.

A Note On Booking Fees

When you purchased your ticket for Beyond The Woods 2020, you might also have paid an additional booking fee.

This fee was charged by Gigantic, the company who handle ticketing for the festival, according to their own terms and conditions. The fee was not charged by Beyond The Woods, and it is not something that we have any control over.

As such, we are only in a position to offer a refund of the price you paid for your ticket(s) to the festival. You can find out more about Gigantic’s booking fees, and what it is used for, here.

What If I Bought My Ticket Somewhere Else?

Unfortunately, we are only in a position to refund tickets which were purchased from Gigantic, our official ticketing partner.

If you purchased your ticket from elsewhere, then the money you paid would not have been passed on to Beyond The Woods. As such, we are sadly unable to refund it.

If you purchased your ticket from a supplier other than Gigantic, you will need to contact that supplier to ask for your money to be returned.