‘Beyond the Woods’ – Halloween Song Challenge

On the 31st, we will be publishing a collaborative Halloween piece. Last week we asked some talented writers to come up with a Halloween themed poem (called ‘Beyond the Woods’, naturally)… Now we want to hear from the musicians!
Take a look through the poems, choose one that you feel particularly drawn to, and use those words to create a song!

  • Songs need to be sent over by midday on Friday 29th.
  • Submissions accepted in any form – (email/google drive/direct through IG, etc). YouTube links preferred!
  • These can be sent to lauren@beyondthewoods.co.uk, or through @btwfestival on socials.
  • All ages, skill levels, instruments, styles.
  • This can be either a solo or group project (everyone will be credited).
  • We will release our favourite(s) across our social media platforms, and all songs will be listed on the website. Please include any names and/or handles you’d like to be credited under.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with – have fun!

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Chris Pidsley (@chrispidsleymusic)

Beyond the woods is a space where I lay
Where the sun has no business and the grass fills the shade
My heart fits the silence where the birdsong should stay
Beyond the woods is beyond my way
Darker trees are lined ahead
The horizon bends above my bed
And I like to think that I’ve reached the edge
But beyond the woods is beyond instead
And time will find a reason
And the nights will find the day
When it’s loose and out of season
I’ll take a walk beyond the woods and fade away

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Maddie Magdalene (@maddiemagdalenemusic)

Beyond the woods and far away,
You’ll find the creatures who sleep all day,
Don’t get too close, don’t let them hear you,
They’re dreaming of fame, they’re dreaming of music,
Don’t interrupt the dreams of the musos,
They’ll steal and kill your soul with sharp claws tugging on your heartstrings,
Don’t disturb the musings of the musos,
They’ll cut open your brain and view your flaws as sustenance for new things

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Daniel Etherton (@detherton)

What lives in the woods was left to my imagination
But in the middle of the night without hesitation
I had grown tired of dreams, speculating beyond the trees
And set out to see what I could find on Halloween
Passing shrubs, leaves, dirt tracks and Autumnal leaves
Guided by dim moonlight. I nearly had a fright
There was a commotion, crashing, like waves hit rocks in the ocean
A party with a few skeletons, werewolves; witches necking back potions
As my body froze, I shrieked out “hello!”
Only to be welcomed in, as if it was my own home
There were cups of tea, food to eat and a ghost playing the keys
I hopped on the mic and gave the best performance of my life
It started getting early – the night turned to morning
So we all parted ways because nobody could stay
A lesson learnt to be intrigued by the unknown,
Stay safe, be curious and go out exploring

‘Beyond the Woods’ by Lisa February (@lisfebruary)

i’ve lived with the lights off
too long to admit

so long, that memories
of sunshine people
or summer skies
feel like stories
my brain playing
twisted little tricks

i didn’t choose to come here
nobody would

but life before
became obscured
i went to sleep in my bed
and woke up

in the woods.

for months
i’ve walked barefoot

across woodland, wasteland, cemetery
the cold, warped arms of long-dead trees
outstretched, as if reaching up
grasping, desperate for something

form a tomb-shaped canopy
block out the world above
entrap me

in solitude
in empty
in wishing i remembered
what it meant to be free

what it meant to be more
than a hollowed-out body

to have more than
spiders and maggots for friendship
better company than skeletons
free from their closets

to salvage my purpose
my reason to fight
to light up a spark
and take back my life

to remember who I am
and to feel how i should
to find a path home
go back

beyond the woods