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Statement on the cancellation of Beyond The Woods 2021

It is with very heavy hearts that we have to inform you that Beyond The Woods Festival will no longer be taking place this year.

The Staves

The Staves are an English indie folk trio of sisters Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, from Watford, Hertfordshire. Originally performing as The Staveley-Taylors, the trio later changed their name to The Staves.

Alfie Templeman

Alfie Templeman

Alfie Templeman knows music. At just 17, this boy wunderkind already has four EPs to his name, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music history that some veteran artists would envy.


Vistas are an indie band hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. The line-up consists of Prentice Robertson, Dylan Rush & Jamie Law. Vistas are a band with catchy choruses, hooky guitar lines, and rhythmic thunderous baselines.


Having spent the past six months holed up in the claustrophobic confines of their gloriously ramshackle Bethnal Green recording studio, London four piece Flyte...

Cj Pandit

Cj Pandit is an ArtPop performer who crafts songs for movies that were never made and places that you've never been. Working and living between London, New York and hometown Leicester...


Listen to any of APRE’s music – be it Without Your Love’s shimmering, celestial bounce; the liquid grooves and clean lines of All Yours; or the widescreen pop cloudburst that is Don’t You Feel Like Heaven...

Lottery Winners

Lottery Winners have a whole list of achievements: their debut album ‘Lottery Winners’ hit number 10 in the UK Official Charts and number 3 in the vinyl charts; they have over 10 million streams and thousands of tour tickets sold, including a sold out headline at the Manchester Ritz; they released three albums and one EP within 18 months...

Sunflower Thieves

Sunflower Thieves are a dream-folk duo, combining rich harmonies and storytelling lyrics to create their own unique world of ethereal melancholy. Influenced by Phoebe Bridgers and Fenne Lily, the band have written and performed together for many years.


Deco move within their own lane. Blurring the line between timeless 80’s synth-pop and contemporary discernment, Deco create undeniable bops with a bite.


York’s alt rock songsmiths, Bull recently announced their debut album ‘Discover Effortless Living’, featuring 'Eugene', a mini-symphony of self-flagellation which trips through the various stages of feeling down on yourself...

The Rills

Lincoln indie band, The Rills, describe their sound as being ‘like a raging bull if it went to university and sought anger management counselling’. Seeing a meteoric rise through TikTok and the release of their singles ‘The Angler’ and ‘Stardog’ over lockdown...


Picture the tumultuous nature of trying to keep up with it all, seeing the future speeding away as you wonder why you are are still in the rear view mirror. The 21st century zeitgeist is a stern courtesan that capital dwellers The Pylons know all to well.

Olivia Dean

In the grips of a worldwide pandemic, it’s important to find your own sunshine. Whether that’s adopting new self-care hobbies or getting creative with working from home, we’re all growing and adapting, finding new ways to keep positivity alive.

Sad Boys Club

London's Sad Boys Club's new EP, Echoes In A Shallow Bay, is a groundbreaking release from the four piece, ushering in a new era and taking the band's emotive sound to darker territories more indicative of their early emo and rock influences.

The Activators

The Activators are an 11-piece band whose eclectic style transcends Ska, Reggae, Celtic, Punk and Dub, even venturing into Balkan folk and Tango! The Activators have received acclaim for their sensational and chaotic live shows. Their songs have a political edge and depth, yet...

Rebekah Fitch

Rebekah Fitch is a new Irish alternative-pop artist, combining a love of melody with thought-provoking poetry; powerful vocals with vulnerability; and forward thinking production with enigmatic visuals.

Who’s Misty?

Who's Misty? are a female fronted, Lincoln based Indie-Pop Band. We write upbeat songs with bright melodies and catchy lyrics, inspired by artists such as; The Wombats, Anteros and Wolf Alice.


The story is simple. After a chance meeting by being the last 4 in a Mario Kart tournament, Vigilantes became friends. They quickly put down the pads, picked up their guitars and never looked back.

Project Hilts

Project Hilts is an eight-piece Jazz & Grime Fusion band from London to Leeds. Their sets are energetic and danceable whilst displaying virtuosic musicianship and challenging songwriting.

Kings & Bears

Kings & Bears are a Lincolnshire rock trio who believe love and music have the power to change the world. Inspired by rock, funk, soul and reggae music, the band tread the line between...

Jimmy Harvey

Jimmy Harvey is a London based alt-pop singer songwriter. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community his brand is centred on openness and inclusivity reflected in both aesthetic and lyricism.

Jazz Lingard

Jazz Lingard is a singer-songwriter and self-taught producer from Louth, Lincolnshire. She combines storytelling with dreamy melodies, creating an intimate atmosphere influenced by Birdy, Wolf Alice and Radiohead.

Jaz Beeson

Jaz Beeson makes music for golden-hour road trips and twirling through daisy dappled fields. With dream-haze harmonies floating on top of punchy acoustic production, her music is made for...

ell ivy

ell ivy is a new pop artist from a small town in the north of England called Grimsby. Being called a dreamer all her life, ell ivy puts this across in her music with lyrics that show a yearning for more.

Indigo Bay

Indigo Bay are an Indie Rock band from Grimsby. They met at college in 2017 when they were 16 and strongly believe that chocolate doesn't belong in the fridge. They love wearing baggy clothes and, despite the heat on stage, will stubbornly wear hoodies whilst playing live...


Duccbod is a solo artist born and raised in Lincoln - inspired by the likes of Yellow Days, Post Malone, Skinshape, Tom Misch & many more diverse artists which culminates in a sound in which Duccbod is trying to make his own

Ben Simmons

The young Hertfordshire born singer/songwriter effortlessly combines his love for modern folk and classic soul to form a sound bursting with artistic integrity.


Meet FAERS, a five-piece band from London consisting of Ryan Faers, Morgan Rees, Steven Anderson-Howard, Sam Rawlings and Alex Crowley.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale is the brainchild of London-based songwriters and producers Jamie Hoddle & Lewis Gregory. Growing up in bands together since being teenagers, the pair have taken their indie musicianship and tilted the focus towards making music built for clubs.

JJ Draper

After a year of critically acclaimed releases, JJ brings his band to Beyond the Woods - two years after he was first meant to appear on our stage!

Emily Pilbeam

Emily Pilbeam is a radio presenter, producer, team assistant and DJ. Emily first started working in radio when she volunteered at her local hospital radio station back when she was 15.


Upstart Indie-Rockers Wharf – named for Imperial Wharf in London, but based between Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and the City – released their raucous debut EP in 2020...

Andy Backhouse

Meet Andy. He’s a DJ and radio host on La Bestia Radio in Mexico City, broadcasting every Monday from his garden shed in London.


Burridge is a singer/songwriter from Scunthorpe who has been writing music for the past five years. She is heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Motley Crue and Nirvana. She makes loud music for angry girls.


Marshall (UK) is a Disco House/French Touch/Nu Disco DJ/Producer from Lincoln, with releases on Midnight Riot Records, Black Riot Records, theBasementDiscos, Groovy Riddim Records...

Hannah Fletcher

Hannah Fletcher produces and presents BBC Music Introducing in Lincolnshire, showcasing and supporting the best unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music from across the county.



From the East End of Glasgow, “the prince of bedroom pop”, Joesef, is modernising soul music through jazz inspired lo-fi pop instrumentals, all from his bedroom.

Baby Queen

Baby Queen (real name Bella Latham) arrived in the pop sphere barely a year ago but she has already carved her name deep into its fabric as the genre’s new anti-hero



By her own admission, the last twelve months have been full of standout moments for the 19-year-old Irish, half Argentinian musician.

Master Peace

Master Peace is a 19 year old South Londoner who has managed to captivate the ears of this generation with his own hybrid indie street sound.

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