7th & 8th August 🌳 Stourton Woods, Lincs

7th & 8th August 🌳 Stourton Woods

Our Story

This year, 2,000 people will be joining us at Stourton Woods for Beyond The Woods 2020.

It's going to be our biggest festival yet, and we're really chuffed that so many people will be coming along to party over the weekend and - more importantly - support live music in Lincolnshire.

Ever since it began in 2015, Beyond The Woods has been organised and run by a group of mates. We like to think that we're a music festival with a difference, putting partying over profit, with the aim of providing a platform for local artists and musicians.

Whether you're coming back for your 5th festival, or joining us for the first time, we can't wait for you to see what we've got planned for 7th & 8th August this year.

To get you in the mood, here's the story of how a small back garden gathering became a fully-blown, 2,000-person music festival.

Where It Began

2015 - Joe's Back Garden

In the early days, and before we were called Beyond The Woods, the festival began life as JoeFest - our mate Joe's 18th birthday party.

Joe's Dad was put on BBQ duty, the decking at the bottom of the garden was converted into a stage, and a crowd of 60 friends gathered together to party until exactly 11pm, when we'd agreed with the neighbours that the music would stop.

The night was headlined by Lincoln favourites The Pylons, ahead of their Glastonbury debut, with a host of local performers turning up to play throughout the evening.

As we gathered around the campfire at 11:01, everyone agreed that we'd had such a good time we'd try and do it again, and the organising committee for JoeFest 2016 was put together.

Unfortunately this was the last time the festival would feature embarrassing photos from Joe's childhood hung up behind the bar.

A Bigger Back Garden

2016 - Joe's Mate Alex's House

In 2016 the festival doubled in size, to an unthinkably large 120 people!

Of course this was far too many people for Joe's modestly-proportioned back garden, so we decided to move the festival to Joe's mate Alex's place, which was quite a bit bigger.

A marquee was put up to host the main stage (fun fact: in a sign of how far the festival has come, this marquee is now just one of our artists' green rooms), and we ordered an industrial quantity of burger buns from Morrisons. The scene was set for an exceptional evening of entertainment.

Once again, our friends turned up with their instruments, and served up one of the parties of the year.

As we all woke up the next morning, and gathered for an impromptu closing ceremony, we felt ready to take a momentous step in 2017:

For the first time, we'd invite people we didn't know.

Going Public

2017 - Our First 'Proper' Festival

In 2017, we took three major steps:

Fickle Friends


The Year That Never Was


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