Reserve Your Pitch In The Glade

Here’s how you can make sure you’re camping next to your friends in our Glade campsite.

For a small fee, many campers choose to upgrade their Beyond The Woods experience to our secluded Glade campsite.

The Glade is a short walk through the Lamplight Woods. Perks include being able to bring your car onto the site, and having access to showers.

Once you have bought your tickets to camp in The Glade, you will be allocated a pitch at random. However, if you would like to camp next to your friends, you can now let us know using the form below.

A few things to note

  • While we will try our best to accommodate your request, because of the number of requests we receive we cannot promise that we will be able to camp your whole group directly next to one another.
  • Health and safety regulations mean that we are unable to place tents immediately next to campervans/caravans. If your group is a mix of tents and vehicles, we will try and place you as close as possible.
  • It would be really handy if just one person could send us a reservation request per group. Thanks! 😊

If you would like to reserve a pitch, please make sure you fill in this form before Sunday 1st August. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any pitch reservation requests on or after this date.

You can find these in your confirmation email, eg 2016-8543-4675