The Residents Ticket Scheme Is Open

Festivalgoers sitting on a straw bale

People living closest to Stourton Estates can apply for free tickets before Wednesday 30th September

Festivalgoers sitting on a straw bale

We’re pleased to announce that our Residents’ Ticket Scheme for Beyond The Woods 2021 is now open.

If you are a qualifying local resident you can apply for up to four tickets to attend next year’s festival, taking place on 6th – 8th August.

In order to qualify, you must live within one of the following villages: Baumber, Gautby, Great Stourton, Hatton, Hemingby, Minting, Ranby, Sotby, Waddingworth, Wispington

Alternatively, if your primary residential address is closer to Stourton Woods’ Clays Lane entrance (as the crow flies) than any of the above villages, you are also considered a local resident.

If you don’t fancy attending Beyond The Woods yourself, you are welcome to pass your tickets on to friends or family; but please note that you may not sell or trade your tickets, or give them away as part of a promotion or competition.

You can read the full terms and conditions of applying here.

Apply For Tickets

To apply for your free tickets to Beyond The Woods 2021, please fill in the form below:

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