Things to do INSTEAD of going to a festival

We were gutted that Beyond the Woods couldn’t go ahead this past summer. We’re looking forward to getting everything back on track for summer 2022! But if you can’t wait that long (or, God forbid, you miss out on BTW tickets), here is a list of fun things you can do instead of being at a festival.

Listen to the Beyond the Woods playlists

Over the past few months, we’ve put out several playlists to get you hyped for Beyond the Woods. Blast these in your room, in your kitchen, at your friend’s house… And keep an eye out, we’ll be releasing another playlist soon!

Go camping

Why not just go camping anyway? You’ve got the tent, you’ve got the friends, you’ve got the days off work. Pick somewhere beautiful and watch the sunset with a bowl of badly heated beans (or be nice to yourselves and bring some decent food). Just remember to be considerate of other people and the environment, leave it as you found it!

Have a barbecue

Let’s not waste the nice weather and those good vibes – stick some sausages (or, I don’t know, tofu?) on the BBQ and try not to burn it. Endless bragging rights if you can master the art of cooking on a barbecue!

Create an outfit for next year’s festival season!

The level of intricacy here depends on how crafty you are…

  • Arts and crafts not your thing? Do some online window shopping, scroll through Instagram, create a Pinterest board of ideas – personalised outfit inspiration, ready to refer back to and buy at a later date (or now, if you’re impulsive).
  • Pretty arty? Great! Crack out that craft box and get ready to glitter up everything you own!
    • Tie dye – grab some old white clothes and brighten them up! Even as an adult this is undeniably fun, and it’s hard to do it wrong. Random splodges and colours bleeding into one another just add to the finished product!
    • Rhinestones – customise an outfit Dolly Parton would be jealous of! Jazz up some boring old shorts or a denim jacket… Remember: less is more. But sometimes more is more. You do you.
    • Crown weaving – still into flower crowns? Same. Try making your own with some fake flowers (any online tutorial will do!)


Take a look through all your photos and videos from festivals you’ve been to in the past! Share your favourite and happiest memories on social media, and feel free to tag us (@BTWfestival)! We love seeing them.

Have a mini festival at home

See our at-home festival post for inspiration!

Local outdoor music events

Maybe you can’t go to a whole festival, but check if any of your local pubs are doing small outdoor music events. As you probably know, Beyond the Woods is always looking to be involved in smaller gigs as well as the big summer event – check out the website for our upcoming gigs (usually in either Lincoln or London)!

Tidy up – or do something equally productive

Boring, yes, but you’ll thank yourself for it later! Marie Kondo those cupboards, follow up on those unread emails, tackle the essay you’ve been avoiding. Listen to some Beyond the Woods playlists to keep you motivated!