Top Festival Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Here’s a quick rundown of some rookie mistakes, and some top tips on how to avoid them – give it a read through, and take note!

Please don’t be *that* person – you know, the one crying in their half-collapsed tent, with sunburn and heatstroke halfway through the first day, already asking to borrow a phone charger and some money… Just don’t.

Not staying hydrated!

High energy environment, warm weather, quite a bit of alcohol – it’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment. But forgetting to take water breaks can lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion, not to mention making that hangover worse the next day. Remember to drink plenty of water during the day… good life advice in general, to be honest. 

Not eating enough

Same as the above – it’s easy to overlook, but eating a decent amount of food will stand you in good stead throughout the day.

Not wearing sun cream

Maybe it sounds obvious… maybe it is obvious. But still, every year, people end up with sunglasses-shaped sunburn, peeling ears, or that ‘Drumstick Squashie’ look. Stick on some sun cream in the morning, and then reapply throughout the day! 

Not communicating with your friends

Before you do anything, arrange a meeting point in case you get separated. Lack of communication and low phone battery could see you wandering aimlessly around the festival field, hoping to spot your friends in a huge crowd! 

Not familiarising yourself with the site

In addition to your meeting point, make sure to mentally note the most important locations: the first aid stand, the toilets, your own tent! Taking a few minutes at the beginning to understand your surroundings will be hugely beneficial across the rest of the event, not to mention probably saving you some time when getting from A to B.

Missing your favourite acts

Make a note of which acts you want to see, and when. Then keep an eye on the time and plan your day accordingly, so you’re not stuck in the toilet queue for half of your favourite act.

Poor money management

Decide a reasonable daily budget before you arrive, and do your best to stick to it! And choose a sensible place to store your money – can’t go wrong with a bumbag. 

Prioritising aesthetic over practical

Yes, obviously you want to wear that sparkly outfit with a rainbow-coloured bucket hat. And you should! But this is the UK… don’t forget about the lower temperatures later in the day, and potential unexpected downpours. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a warm jacket to wrap up in in the evening, and pack spare socks (then pack some more…nothing worse than wet feet)!

Neglecting that packing list

Throwing a bag together at the last minute will almost definitely mean forgetting something. Draw up a list, and follow it to the letter! (Bonus tip: pack the list too, so you can check you have everything before leaving).
As we’ve already mentioned, socks, sun cream and a water bottle are essential… Other essentials include: a portable phone charger, important medication, a tent (obvs), and, of course, your ticket – without this, the rest is all for nothing.

Going too hard (and consequently going home)

Don’t ruin your experience (or anyone else’s!) by not knowing your limits. It’s okay to take some time out, sit in the shade, drink some water, even take a nap. Pace yourself, don’t overdo it, and try to avoid doing anything you’ll regret later. Easier said than done, sure – but we have faith in you!